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About Us


Davis Brothers Construction is structured with an Estimating and Design Department, Finance and Accounting Department, Personnel Department and Equipment Maintenance Department. This nucleus of management allows control through experience at every level of operations from contract negotiating, field supervision, accounting evaluation and future planning in an effort to maintain a focus on medium to large residential and commercial projects.

In 1983, Production Truss and Fabrication Corp. was established to ensure a stable supply of roof and floor trusses, prefabricated wall panels and building materials.  Production Truss and Fabrication was owned and managed by the Davis Family.  In August 2002 Production Truss was sold to Stock Bldg. Supply.

Company Philosophy

An agreement was made many years ago not to allow growth to overcome competence.  This still is the main axiom of corporate philosophy at Davis Brothers Construction Company.  The growth of the company is still planned, projected and firmly budgeted, not only in financial or monetary matters but also with direct respect to human resources.  Davis Brothers Construction Company firmly believes that competent supervision is the main key to profitability and the ability to maintain job control throughout the length of the project.

Every production job is based on volume and utilizes economy of scale.  The ability to operate efficiently, maintain contract production schedules and, at the same time, preserve the craftsmanship of the trade, was and still is the mainstay of Corporate policy and reputation. 

Current Market Involvement

The majority of Davis Brother’s activity involves shell construction, i.e. Slab through roof sheathing. Contracts range from residential to commercial building.  The company does not participate in speculative building or limited partnerships.  The diversity in construction experience allows us to participate in wood frame and conventional concrete structures.

Business is conducted primarily with larger companies to minimize the cyclical effect predominant to the construction industry.  This decision has contributed to Davis Brothers continued success over the years.  

Manpower & Equipment

Davis Brothers Construction Company presently has approximately 57 full time employees in all divisions. We also have many labor subcontractors to handle any size of job. The Company has its own on-line computer system and the normal sundry of construction equipment, with its own maintenance and repair division.

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